The Wood Commission Made in Toronto...

“Made in Toronto..”

Stirs up images back on the farm with this cast into the framework of various machines. These were different times. Globalization/Box stores and Big City Taxation were not issues. Equipment and Furniture were proudly made in Toronto.

From this history rises The Wood Commission. What started as a Firewood business evolved into a Full Service Kiln Dried Lumber supply and Custom Furniture business. All trees are permit approved removed in the City of Toronto, milled and kiln dried.

We carry a Salvaged and Reclaimed Wood inventory of locally grown species such as different types of Maple/Ash/Oak/Locust and Walnut. Some other species could be easily milled from our log inventory depending on your needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure all aspects of the product are met. And the end result is extraordinary pieces of furniture that will be the focal point of any room.

If you feel creative and want to do your own project we have DIY slabs to suit your preferences and dimensions.

We have been serving all parts of Canada with our products for more than a decade and take pride in what we do and ensure customer satisfaction at all stages.